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The core of NotePal is a team of four individuals who are passionate about education, creating a community, and improving student achievement. Edwar and Farid combined their business and entrepreneurial skills with Liborio and William's teaching expertise to create a comprehensive platform where teachers can collaborate and exchange resources to improve student success.

What is NotePal?

NotePal is an Ontario curriculum-based education platform from grades 1-8 where teachers can buy and sell quality lessons, assessments, and other educational resources. Parents can also purchase resources to supplement their child's learning.
NotePal's vision is to not only provide teachers with access to ready-to-go educational material but to also create a teacher-focused community. On NotePal, teachers can collaborate and share their expertise and creativity with one another. For example, experienced teachers can mentor prospective teacher candidates and upcoming teachers college graduates. Teachers can also follow one another, chat with one another, and schedule time to work with one another. They don't even have to be at the same school to be able to work together! Our goal is to create an education hub that fosters collaboration and brings the education community together for the purpose of improving student performance.

Vision statement:

Building community through collaboration for student achievement.