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About Us

NotePal is an Ontario, curriculum-based education platform from grades 1-8 where teachers can buy and sell quality lessons, assessments, and other educational resources. Parents can also purchase resources to supplement their child’s learning.
NotePal’s vision is to not only provide teachers with access to ready-to-go educational material but to also create a teacher-focused community. On NotePal, teachers can collaborate and share their expertise and creativity with one another. For example, experienced teachers can mentor prospective teacher candidates and upcoming teacher's college graduates. Teachers can also follow one another, chat with one another and schedule time to work with one another. They don’t even have to be at the same school to be able to work together! Our goal is to create an education hub that fosters collaboration and brings the education community together for the purpose of improving student performance.

Our number one priority here at NotePal is to protect your personal information. That’s why through our platform, application and other means of interactions with us and others, we make it a high priority to protect your personal information while providing a safe and secure education platform that is user friendly.

Guiding Privacy Principles

Our information on Privacy is driven by our commitment to the following Guiding Privacy Principles:

  • We are deeply committed to providing a secure and safe online environment for you
  • We DO NOT sell your personal information to third parties. We take the privacy of your information very seriously

Consenting to the Collection and Use of Your Information

We take your privacy seriously and our Privacy Policy includes what information we gather and how it is used by our members and those who visit our platform and use our services. By visiting our site and/or using our service, you express consent of the handling practice of information in this Privacy Notice.

Collection of Information and Analytics

We take the information you share with us with the utmost respect and at NotePal, we make every effort for you to be in control of decisions around your information.

We collect the minimal amount of information from Users to maximize the use of our services.

NotePal collects the following information About You and Your Use of our Services:

Personal Information: when you browse, visit or use our Services, you may provide NotePal “personal identifiable information” or “personal data” which can include a full name or email address. This is often referred to as “personal information.”

We may collect information about the use of services to our platform in order to provide you with an optimal user experience tailored towards your needs. We may collect information and analytics using third party providers about your use of certain Service features, such as the type of educational resources you are searching, the assessments you are accessing and specific features of services you are using. This will enable us to better align educational services that are most relevant for you.

Reason(s) Why We Collect Information:

  • To sign up and use the services of NotePal Inc.
  • To comprehend how you and other Users use our Services
  • To verify credentials (Ontario Certified Teachers)
  • To enable and grant access of your participation in NotePal’s features and services

Technical Information

To optimize our User’s personalized learning experience, we may use various technologies that automatically record certain technical information from your device or browser such as standard log files. This technical information may also include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, Internet Service Provider (ISP), browser type and the times and dates that you access our services which will assist us in better understanding how our Users are accessing and using our services.


Similar to most websites, either as a registered or non member, we may send cookies - small data packages sent to your computer that remember your browsing on our website in order to provide you with a more personalized user experience. Cookies help to allow you to have access to certain services and features such as specific advertising to meet your needs.

Third-Party Providers

NotePal may use third-party service providers, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Zoom or Google Meet to host our videos. Through arrangements, these providers may have access to place and read their own cookies which are automatically collected by these third-party providers. NotePal and its affiliates through contractual agreement encourage our third-party service providers to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy. Personal Information that we collect to third parties is not rented or sold.

Additional Ways NotePal Uses Your Information

  1. To increase Service enhancement to the Services we provide:

    The information you provide or that we collect through the use of our website is to provide you with the best user experience whether it be through the operation of our website and/or the enhancements and the continual services we provide. NotePal for example, may remember your recent browsing experience in order to provide you with the best content/service upon your next log-in.
  2. To recognize how our Services are utilized by you, the User:

    The information that you provide or that NotePal collects is to improve the way our services look and work and to understand and review user browsing and usage trends to enhance features and user functionality.
  3. For partnership arrangements:

    At NotePal, we do not share your personal information with our affiliates for promotional or marketing purposes unless with your consent or in the event, you have the ability to opt-in to a promotional program and consent to allowing us to share your personal information with a third-party for participation

Sharing and Transferring of Information

NotePal strives to care and protect your Personal Information and does not sell your Personal Information that we collect from Users.

Sharing Anonymous or Aggregate Data to Improve Services and to Learn More About Our Users

There are times when NotePal will work with its affiliate business partners to enhance our services.
We may disclose and provide collected and other aggregate non-Personal Information to approved business partners to conduct research to assist with our online education platform. This may include: helping understand Users' use, their viewing, demographic patterns, contents, services, promotions, and/or the functionality of the Services we provide.

Sharing Data When Required by Law

If it is warrantable and required by law to do so, NotePal may disclose User information. Such actions are to comply with local, provincial, federal and other applicable laws like the Canadian Copyright law. This would include responding to any court orders, government subpoenas, warrants and/or judicial requests. In providing User information, there may be cases where disclosure of information is not first provided to the User.
Sharing of Data - Change of Business, Acquisition or Merger
In the case where NotePal merges with or is acquired by a third-party entity, information that we collected from the User may be transferred or assigned as part of the sale, merger or acquisition.

Sharing Data When Appropriate or Necessary to Safeguard NotePal or Others

Acting in good faith and where appropriate and necessary to safeguard against liability, NotePal may disclose information to protect from abusive, fraudulent and unlawful uses, to safeguard against any third-party claims or attestations, to protect the integrity and security of our services, and to work with government and enforcement agencies. In addition, to protect the property, rights and personal safety of NotePal, our Users and others.
Maintaining Data Integrity
The information you put on NotePal belongs to you. The information you provide and consent to is only used for the sole purpose that it was intended to be used. We make every effort to ensure the information we use is up-to-date, accurate and complete. We invite you to request at any time information on the data we have for you, how we collect and use it and how you may update, modify it and remove it. You can always update your personal information on our site and/or contact the NotePal support team regarding this matter.

NotePal’s Data Security Approach

Every effort is made to uphold and protect your privacy and security. We take multiple steps in verifying your identity prior to you accessing your account and making modification to your information. This may include Personal Information to verify your identity such as school board/work email address in order for you to access certain portals and parts of our Services. In addition, we encourage all users to create and maintain a strong password to ensure the privacy and security of their accounts
Safe Services and Information
NotePal makes every effort to safeguard your Personal Information through the use of managerial and technical practices that we use in our Services. As no security measures are perfect, we cannot warrant or ensure the security of any or all information you share to NotePal and do so at your own risk. However, we make every effort to ensure the security of our systems. These steps are in place to safeguard your information from being accessed, altered, disclosed or destroyed by breach of our systems. If any such case were to occur from a data breach that affects you, you will be contacted immediately via electronically and again, once the incident has been resolved and advised of the appropriate steps to take to further protect your Personal Information. We may also post on our site any security incidents that might occur.

Steps in Protecting Your Personal Information

NotePal is committed to protecting your Personal Information and we go to great lengths to ensure all data is not publicly accessible and stored in a secured way as noted in this Privacy Policy. We use third party data centers and cloud service providers to store and protect your Personal Information and data.

Restricted Access to Personal Information and Data

NotePal employees and authorized third-party agents or contractors require approved reasons to access Personal Information you provide and store with us. Where reasonable, NotePal requires third-party service providers to comply with our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Change

We review our Privacy Policy often at least once per year and when there are changes to law that impact our procedures and policies. At NotePal, we want to provide our users with the best experience possible and may update our privacy policy to reflect that. Any changes made will be communicated in a timely manner to our users. It will be important, however, to review and agree to any changes.

Contacting NotePal

Feel free to contact the NotePal support team if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy.

Thank You for Using NotePal
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